Frequently Asked Questions


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Why should I buy a KUSA registered puppy?

There are definitely some advantages to buying a KUSA registered puppy.  You will have a legitimate bloodline, which can be traced back 5 generations or more.  Many dog sports welcome unregistered dogs, but if you choose to compete seriously any awards/certifications will only be acknowledged if your dog is KUSA registered. For example, you will not be allowed to show an unregistered dog or compete in field trial events.

What do hip and elbow scores mean?

Dogs are hip and elbow scored after being x-rayed under a general anaesthetic.  The x-rays are evaluated by a certified radiographer.  In layman’s terms, for hips the smoother and rounder the ball at the top of the femur and the deeper it sits in the socket of the pelvis, the better the dog’s hips are.  Elbows are mostly scored with regard to calcification.



A1 : Excellent hips, no sign of hip dysplasia
A2 : Good hips, no sign of hip dysplasia
B1 : Fair hips, near normal hip joints
B2 : Marginal dysplasia, near normal hip joints
C1 : Mild dysplasia
C2 : Mild to moderate dysplasia
D1 : Moderate dysplasia
D2 : Moderate to severe dysplasia
E1 : Severe dysplasia
E2 : Very severe dysplasia



Grade 0 : Normal, no change
Grade 1 : Changes of less than 2mm of calcification (arthritis)
Grade 2 : Changes of 2 – 5mm of calcification (arthritis)
Grade 3 : Changes of more than 5mm of calcification (arthritis)

When will my Vizsla calm down?

Vizslas are high energy dogs requiring a LOT of mental and physical exercise. There are various ways to drain a puppy’s energy or redirect an adult dog’s drive to work. This is fun too! The Vizsla responds well to training and loves to do things with you. Hang in there – most of them settle down after 2 or 3 years.

Can I go jogging with a puppy?

It is best to limit formal physical exercise until your puppy is 12 months old, in order to promote healthy joints and ligaments. There are other ways to drain a puppy’s energy, for example playing nose games like hiding food in the garden or following a scent trail to a snack. Remember that using his nose is an excellent way to ‘work’ your little Vizsie!

Are all Vizslas good hunters?

The Vizsla was selectively bred (through centuries) for hunting purposes and most of them are naturally inclined to do so.  Some puppies start pointing when they are only a few weeks old!.  If hunting is your main objective, select a puppy from parents with proven hunting ability.

How often should I bath my Vizsla?

When you can smell them.  Vizslas keep themselves clean, but most dogs sometimes roll in stinky stuff!  They should enjoy the pampering a nice warm bath provides and most of them absolutely adore water!

What is MVD?

This is known as Multiple Vizsla Disorder.  Very few people are able to resist the urge to get a second and third V!  It is a bit like giving birth : you forget the pain of coping with the high energy levels and dangerous inquisitiveness of the Vizsla puppy and decide that if one can bring so much happiness, two will be even better!