About the Club


The Rainbow Hungarian Vizsla Club was started in 2017. This breed is rapidly growing in popularity in South Africa and there is a definite need to bring Vizsla lovers together to not only promote the breed locally, but be a source of information about the Vizsla’s characteristics and specific needs as well. The Club also strives to promote responsible breeding practices.


You do not have to be a breeder or show your dog or hunt with your dog to join this club. We welcome members who truly care about this breed and want to see its future well-being protected. The Club strives to:


  • provide training
  • organise ‘fun days’ where Vizsla owners can get together
  • provide information about the breed
  • support new puppy ownerss


The Club is affiliated to KUSA (The Kennel Union of South Africa) and is currently the only Hungarian Vizsla Club in South Africa. Having said all this, our members’ main objective is to just enjoy our wonderful dogs and work with them to explore their amazing natural abilities.